Monday, August 12, 2013

Zoya Amber

Remember when I told you yesterday that I would show you yet another Zoya polish that I got for free and  how you could also get one (well actually two) for free?  Well keep reading.
Today I'm going to show you Zoya Amber on this very lovely Monday (if we can call it that).  I think this is the perfect shade to easily transition from Summer to Fall.  It reminds me so much of a Summer sunset.
Amber is a very warm-toned, well, amber color.  I guess we could saw it's a bit copper.  lol  I used three coats for full opacity and the formula was amazing.
As you can see, Amber is a satin-finish polish and I know some people (including myself) aren't nuts about the visible brushstrokes especially if you don't have a steady hand.  I managed to keep my hands still while painting but usually the strokes are crooked.  lol  Well there's a way to eliminate that.
Apply your first two coats and let them dry.  Then lightly sponge on the third coat to take away the visible brushstrokes.  This gives the polish a completely new finish without taking away from the beautiful color.  See the difference?  It's a pretty neat idea I think.  I also think it will help me feel better about buying satin-finish polishes.
Now how did I get this beauty for free?  Every Tuesday, Zoya will play a game called Tune Tuesday on Twitter.  They put out a musical clue related to a Zoya polish and then choose three tweeters with the correct answer to receive that polish PLUS one of their choice.

For example:  
This song was written about @NicoleScherzy & shares a name with a certain Zoya shade that’s “the color of her energy”
The song was Amber by 311!  See, super easy!

You can find the complete details on how to play HERE at Zoya's Tune Tuesday page .  You have 4 chances to win every Tuesday so you might as well read up so you're well prepared.  I wonder what they will give away this time.  Good luck!

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