Thursday, August 1, 2013

Comparison - Claire's Paradise/OPI Can't Let Go

Well here it is!  The comparison that I promised you.  I don't do a lot of comparison posts because I really try not to buy dupes.  I have a pretty small polish collection so it's easy for me to remember what I have when I'm out shopping for polish.  Today's comparison is of the Claire's sand polish I showed you on Tuesday and one of the first OPI liquid sands.
This is Paradise which I showed you one Tuesday.  You can read the post HERE in case you missed it.  (:
The is OPI Can't Let Go which I showed in THIS POST back in December when they were first released.

Looking at those two photos I can already tell they aren't exactly the same shade of purple.  That might be due to my lighting so let's see them side-by-side.
Above are two bottle shots.  You can definitely see the grainy effect in both bottles.  Not one looks more dense than the other.  The glittery bits really stand out as well.  OPI Can't Let Go definitely has bigger chunks of glitter.
I used two coats of OPI Can't Let Go on the left and two coats of Claire's Paradise on the right.  Can't Let Go leans a little more to the blue side whereas Paradise leans a little more the red side.
As I said before, Can't Let Go has larger chunks of glitter.  Paradise does have two sizes of glitter, they just aren't as large as Can't Let Go.  As far as finish and texture, they both dry very matte and have the same gritty finish.  The most noticeable difference is that Paradise has a very reflective finish.  The white flash is almost blinding in the right light.  Pretty cool.
 Claire's Paradise
OPI Can't Let Go

My final consensus is that these are definitely not dupes.  They are extremely close in color however they have very different qualities.  If you are like me and try not to buy dupes, then you would be safe by only buying one of these especially since they are close in price...OPI sands sell for $9.00 and the Claire's sands sell for $7.00 (however they are BOGO 50% off).  Can I, myself, justify keeping both?  Yes!  I just can't bear to get rid of either one because I love textured polish so much.  That's the hoarder in me coming out.

Anyway I hope this was an informative yet fun comparison post.  Have a great night!  (:


  1. I love comparison posts! These colors are not similiar enough to be thought of as dups, for sure, but seem to be similar in texture. Thank you for this, I will keep this in mind!


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