Saturday, August 3, 2013

Leopard Mani for International Nail Art Day!

How could you not love that color combination?  I am so tired I could just faceroll right now, but I wanted to put something pretty on my nails before bed.  I just chose the quickest mani I could think of that wasn't completely plain.
Well here it is!  I really like how this one turned out.  My boyfriend always says how my leopard manis look like camo print...I don't really get how that is, but that's what he says.  This is the first one he said looked like leopard.  lol He's a goof.  Anyway, I used one coat of Ulta High Roller for the gold base, then added random leopard spots using Zoya Phoebe, the blue, and Zoya Codie (which just so happens to by my boyfriend's name - but with a Y and not an IE) which is the dark brown.
Here is one photo of my hand slanted to take the metallic shine away.  Now you can really see the print without being severely blinded by the gold.  I totally didn't even realize today was International Nail Art Day so I'm happy I could bust something out in such a short time (I had to work today) and join in the fun.  (:

Happy INAD!!


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