Saturday, August 10, 2013

Zoya Neely

Ooh this is such a late post again, but I've been running around all day and swatching polish for the blog.  I even scored a super huge lemming of mine, but more on that later.  *wink*
This is Zoya Neely.  At first I really didn't think I wanted this polish, but with a slight twist of my arm from a friend, I got it.  I am super happy that I did because it's so pretty.  It's not like it's oh-so-gorgeous or whatever, but it's just really pretty and clean.  Sometimes our nails get so gross and stained from all the polish we use, it's nice to just have a few "palate cleansers".
In just two coat, Neely was fully opaque and not streaky or goopy at all.  I'm not sure my photos do it justice, but it's a light mint green (not as blue as it shows).
Sadly I don't think I would have bought this for myself, but I got lucky and Zoya was giving away 200 bottles with a special code and I snagged one.  What do you think?

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