Monday, August 5, 2013

Zoya Codie

I think I have stated this before recently, but I'll say it again...I am so ready for Fall.  I am starting to see all the Fall fashion come into the stores, I love wearing boots and would wear them year-round if it wasn't so damn hot here, and Fall means October is coming.  October means Halloween and my birthday are coming.  Ya know who else' birthday is in October?  My boyfriend Cody!   That's kind of what inspired me to put this color up today.  I just wished it was spelled the same way, but oh well.
Codie is a super dark, almost black brown creme.  This mani only needed 2 coats and, of course, because it's Zoya, the application was flawless.
I'm not a big fan of cremes at all but Zoya makes me think I am.  The formulas are always so perfect in my opinion.  I noticed they are thinner but they build well which makes my life much easier.  With other brands, the cremes are always so thick and then of course over time they get thicker and then, for me, are just unmanageable even with thinner.
I am so happy that I have found a polish brand that I can run to for such things like this.  I would hate to have a polish collection of nothing but shimmers and glitters.  I love shimmers and glitters but not enough to have only those.  lol

What are your favorite creme polishes?  Is there a certain brand that you run to?  Let me know in the comments below!  (:

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