Monday, February 11, 2013

Orly Oh Cabana Boy

Guess what today is?  My 300th blog post!  WOOOO!  It seems like it took me forever to get to 300 and now I have 300+ to go!  I wish I has something better planned for you all considering this tiny milestone, but unfortunately I don't.  I didn't even realize it until about 5 minutes ago.  lol
I do have this lovely Orly polish though.  This is 3 coats of Oh Cabana Boy, and I freaking love it!  I never thought I would like it considering I don't like pink that much, but I can't get enough of it.  I've worn it for about 3 days now and in nail blogger world, that's a long time.
I'm not sure if I love the neon and brightness of it or that surprise flash of purple.  If it didn't have that I may not like it as much.  Then it would be just plain pink...ugh!  I wanted to do some nail art with this, but I still can't bear to cover it up.  Until next time I guess.


  1. such a great color! and congrats!! I really like the shimmer and the purple of this polish its so gorgeous

  2. WOW! This pink is stunning!!! I love it!


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