Saturday, February 23, 2013

Pinterest Week Day 7/Sat-ART-day Mani

Today is a multi purpose post.  I knew when I started Pinterest Week that I may have to skip The Crumpet's Sat-ART-day mani.  I just couldn't have that happen so I tried to find something that I pinned that could work for The Crumpet's 60s Inspired theme as well, and I did!!

Day 7: The Sugar Cube
WOW!  Talk about bright, ya know?  Yeah so I thought for the Sat-ART-day theme (60s Inspired) I would do tie dye!  This was my very first time doing a needle marble, but I think I nailed it.  LOL...nailed it.  I'm so lame.  Anyway, when I think of the 60s, I think Woodstock, psychedelic colors, MAKE LOVE, NOT WAR.  I should have been this age in the 60s.  
I got the inspiration from Erin of The Sugar Cube blog.  She used different colors than I did and she did her needle drags horizontally, but I thought doing them vertically on my nails worked better and it was a lot easier for a first-timer.  I also thought the neon colors worked well with the 60s theme.
Zoya Charisma - magenta
Sinful Pink -  neon pink
Color Club Lava Lamp - orange
Spoiled Did I Dye It Too Blonde? - yellow
China Glaze  Kiwi Cool-ada - green
I had a lot of fun with this needle marble so I will definitely be doing it again.  Back to the Sat-ART-day part...Don't for get to check out everyone else's 60s manis below.

I hope you all enjoyed Pinterest Week.  I had a blast recreating the manicures that I've had pinned for so long.  This was a really great excuse for me to do them and also to get nail art practice.  I will be sure to keep it up.  Have a wonderful Saturday, and if you decide to recreate any of these manis let me know.  I love seeing how other polish addicts interpret nail designs.


  1. This is awesome!! I definitely want to try something like this :)

  2. I love this!!!! I think because of the colors you used, I like yours better than the original. So awesome!

  3. I love this, the colors are so bright and vibrant!


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