Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Zoya Storm

I am so super tired you guys, but I still managed to get this beauty up for you.
Zoya Storm.  I think everyone is so focused on Blaze and Aurora that they keep forgetting about this gorgeous polish.  I love a good black polish, but I especially love this one because of the formula and the holo.
I would say I wish it were a linear holo and not scattered but I do own Layla Flash Black so I guess I don't with that.  lol  Have a great night everyone.  It's almost bedtime for me.


  1. This is lovely :) Reminds me of Barry M Black Multi Glitter.

    1. i don't think i know that one. i don't have access to barry m polish, but oh how i wish i did. lol thank you!

  2. this is so pretty! i love me some black polishes too!


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