Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Valentine's Mani

Ok so I was saving this mani for something else and I wasn't going to post a traditional Valentine's mani, but I figured why the hell not?  You all deserve it.  ♥
Like I said, this mani was supposed to be posted next week, but with the hearts and all I thought it was appropriate.  I don't really celebrate Valentine's because my anniversary is in 3 days, but since some of you do, I thought you would enjoy it.  Oh yeah and sorry it's upside down.  I wasn't thinking when I did this.
Ah yes!  There we go.  This was a very uncomfortable "hand pose" by the way.  Anyway, I got this design from Pinterest but the original post is HERE from the blog Beautylish.  I tried to put my own little spin on it, but not change it up too much.  The polishes are listed below, but as far as the hearts and chevron, I free-handed them.  I'm pretty stoked about those hearts.

Color Club Blue-ming - turquoise
Ulta High Roller - gold

Have a super happy V-day and for those that don't celebrate, watch a good movie and eat all the junk food you want.  I already ate a whole bag of "fun size" Baby Ruth.  lol


  1. i love the color combo! and happy early anniversary!

  2. cute color combination and design ;))

  3. Fabulous! The color combo is awesome and your hearts are perfect!


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