Sunday, February 17, 2013

Pinterest Week Day 1

Welcome!  Welcome!  Welcome!

I'm sure you are all wondering what exactly Pinterest Week is.  Well I saw it on Kayla Shevonne's blog sometime last year (I think) and I thought it was a great idea.  The idea is to recreate manis that have been pinned on my Pinterest Beauty board.  I had so many which made it tough to narrow down to only 7, but I think you will really enjoy the one's I chose.

Day 1: My Nail Polish Online
The original manicure was created using the new OPI Mariah Carey Spring 2013 collection.  Then the blogger added some fun dots and glitter.
Since I don't have the OPI Mariah Carey collection, I used the closest polishes I had.

pinky/pointer - Finger Paints Amethyst Atelier w/ Spoiled Jewelry Heist glitter
ring/thumb - Orly Rock the World w/ Finger Paints Amethyst Atelier dots
middle - OPI Sweet Memories w/ Orly Rock the World dots
I topped it all off with a coat of Gelous and a coat of Seche Vite and got some amazing photos.  I also added the original photo from My Nail Polish Online so you can see how my mani compares.
Let me know what you think?  Also if you have any requests of pins from my Beauty board, feel free to leave it in the comments below.  I don't have the whole week planned out yet so you've definitely got a chance to choose something awesome for me.

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