Saturday, February 23, 2013

My Week at a Glance 2.17 - 2.23

So I just wanted to recap with everyone how my week went on the blog.  I feel like I really stepped it up this week while I was recreating some amazing manicures that I've pinned.  I tried to choose ones that would challenge me a bit and better my nail art skills.  I also got to do new techniques so that was fun.  I gained a few new followers so welcome to you guys!  I received some amazing nail mail and went a little shopping spree after a tough day at work.  Enjoy!
Pinterest Week Day 1 and Day 2 manicure comparisons

Pinterest Week Day 3 and Day 4 manicure comparisons

Pinterest Week Day 5 and Day 6 manicure comparisons

Pinterest Week Day 7/Sat-ART-day (1960s) manicure comparison and Zoya Posh - the color on Posh is not coming out right at all.  I guess that's because of my iPhone and the lack of lighting in my living room.  It's actually red for those that don't know.  It's beautiful!

My beauty supply haul from Thursday.  From L to R: Essie Buy Me a Cameo, OPI Lights of Emerald City, Sation Shyest Shade, Sation Class Clown, Color Club Fly With Me, Color Club Wing Fling, and Color Club Lava Lamp

My amazing Zoya PixieDust collection came in today.  I will have swatches for you very soon.  Maybe tomorrow.  We'll see.  ;)

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