Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Claire's Paradise

Oh my goodness!  I got so caught up watching How the Universe Works on Netflix that I lost track of time.  It's definitely inspired me to do another galaxy mani in the very near future.  But not tonight!  Tonight I have another one of my new picks from Claire's.
This is Paradise.  It's a blue-toned purple sand.  Yes I said sand.  Claire's makes sands now and they are super gorgeous.  It is very reflective as well.  I was completely blinded by it's "gleam" of reflected light so I toned down the brightness of these photos for you all.  There are actually two different size glitters in this polish - traditional, tiny sized glitter with a few small sized hex glitters throughout.  I tried my hardest to get clear photos.
I only needed two coats for these swatches, but if I went a bit thicker with my application I could have gotten away with just one coat.  I was very pleased with this polish and it is now one of my favorite textured ones.  It dried a lot slower than I would have liked, but the payoff of the two coats was totally worth it.  The texture was right on par with all of the other textures I own as well.
I knew as soon as I put this on that it reminded me of another pretty purple sand I have.  Can you guess?  Come back Thursday for a comparison of the two to find out what it is?

There are two other shades of sands at Claire's - a pink and a turquoise.  Will you be seeking out these beauties with me?  Let me know in the comments below.  (:


  1. Claire's seems to have a ton of great nail products...I'm gonna have to go there soon and get some stuff, including the sands!

    1. i think they do for sure. i love trying out all the goodies they have.

  2. You did a perfect mani with this! I appreciate your details, I'll definitely be looking to add this to my collection!


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