Thursday, March 22, 2012

Girly Girl Challenge Day 6 - Who Ispires You?

Welcome!  Let's get started with Day 6 of the Girly Girl Challenge!

Day 6 is Who Inspires You? - Show some love to your favorite female role model by creating gorgeous nails in their honor.  Soooo in honor of my mom...
This is the mani I created for her.  I put sunflowers on it because this was always her favorite flower.

Franken Peggy Jean - 2 coats and HERE is yesterday's post if you want to know why I used this color.
CG Papaya Punch for the sunflower base
CG Lighthouse for the actual yellow color
F21 Love&Beauty light yellow to lighten up the color of the sunflower
Zoya Codie with a dotting tool for the center
black nail marker for the letters

I'm actually really please at how this came out.  I know she would love it.  I know you will love these other bloggers too!

Lindsey of Neverland Nail Blog
Stephanie of A Little Polish
Kelly of Devilish Polish
Elly of Polishable
Olivia of Unprofessional Nails
Bethany of A Plethora of Nails
Eugenia of Talon-ted
Amanda of Nox Nails
Ashley of Smashley Sparkles
Sarah of See Sarah Swatch
Jess of LuvMyLacquer
Tressa of O' Natur Nail
Amanda of Berry Polished
Robin, Erin, and Amanda of Polished Cousins
Bonny of Overstuffed
Taylor of Rejoice
Jess of Nearly Natural Nails

Let me know what you think?
PS Don't forget about my BLOG SALE!  There are only 2 days left to have your purchase amount donated to the Dr. Marnie Rose Foundation for brain cancer research.  Click on the link HERE to learn more.


  1. LOVE THE NAILS! I am now following you. I hope you do the same and follow back! Thanks!

  2. I LOVE the picture of you and your mom, so adorable! Great mani =)

    1. thanks. i miss her so much, but i live my life everyday knowing that she's missing me too.

  3. Such a great picture of you and your mom. And the sunflowers came out BEAUTIFUL!

  4. I love that almost everyone picked their moms! You are such a cute baby, and your mom is just glowing! Perfect sunflowers too!


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