Friday, February 1, 2013

Zoya Loredana and Hello Kitty Silver Star

What is up?!  Happy February everyone.  I am so happy to be done with the 31 Day Challenge.  I don't think my nails could take another round of acetone.  They need a rest for sure.  During the challenge I did stock up on some swatches and other nail art that didn't quite make the cut.  Let's see what I have today!
This is 2 coats of Zoya Loredana.  Holy cannoli!  How have I never worn this before?!  Of course you all know I love matte polish, but I especially love Zoya's mattes because they always have that somethin' somethin' that makes them so amazing.
Loredana has the most amazing silver-y shimmer.  I think I should have tried a top coat to see what it would look like, but I couldn't bear it.  I thought glitter was a much better choice.
This is Hello Kitty Silver Star and I used 2 coats.  Silver Star is super saturated with small silver glitter and medium scattered holo glitter.  I friggin' love this one too.  I don't want to deceive you all and make you think it's really this dark.  Even in the bottle it looks pretty dark.

This is 3 coats on a nail wheel.  I did use the camera flash, but I did on my nail swatch above as well so you can see it is quite a bit lighter without such a dark base color.  Seeing how packed with glitter it is, did I really need a base color?

So what are everyone's thoughts on these beauties?  Leave your comments below!  (:


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