Monday, October 21, 2013

Guest Post from Dizzy Little Digits

I'm really excited about this blogger's post mainly because I've done a guest post for her so when I needed a favor, she was there.  Oh and her mani is great too.  It's Denise from Dizzy Little Digits.


Hello all!
A big thank you to Danielle for inviting me over to visit with you all  :)  My own blog has been sadly out of date since I've been busy writing, so this is a nice excuse to come back to the nail art world. I've missed you all!  
This lovely little skittlette uses 4 colors:  Zoya: Shay, Spoiled: Steel the Show, Essence Colour & Go: Gorgeous Bling Bling, Wet n Wild Fast Dry: Teal or No Teal. This look was done for a friend's wedding where her colors were terracotta and turquoise.  :)
On my pinky is the terracotta Essence Colour & Go: Gorgeous Bling Bling. My pointer is Spoiled: Steel the Show, and my thumb is Wet n Wild Fast Dry: Teal or No Teal. On my middles, the base color is Zoya: Shay, with the other three colors water marbled over it.
I usually do the traditional bulls-eye method for water marbling, but this time I dropped the colors in separate corners of my bowl, then swirled them together. I was just playing around, trying something different, and I really like how it came out!
Thanks! Denise (Dizzy Little Digits -


I love how it came out too.  I love the effect on the marbling and the colors are great.  Thanks again Denise!  Have a great day everyone!

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