Saturday, October 5, 2013

Above the Curve Everyday is a Holo-day!

Today's post is going to be less talk and more photos.  Since the polish is just a top coat I chose quite a few base colors that I thought would look great if they had some holo elements to them.  So I'm just going to show you the photos and you can decide which you like best.  FYI I used one coat of Everyday is a Holo-day! over two coats of every polish.  The holo effect is also not diminished when I add a clear top coat.  I used one coat of essence Gel-look and one coat of Seche Vite.  Enjoy!
Everyday is a Holo-day! over Sinful Colors Pink which is a super bright neon pink.  I wanted to start out strong to get your attention.  lol
Here I used Zoya Pippa as the base color.  I thought this bright yellow would be an interesting holo color.  I mean I've never seen one unless I just didn't look hard enough.  I like it.  It's different and unexpected.
When I asked for suggestions on base colors to use, someone told me they wanted to see some jewel tones.  This is the best jewel tone polish I have and the combination with the holo is amazing!  The teal is Sally Hansen Emerald Express.
The bright red base color here is OPI Big Apple Red.  I heard it's really hard to find a true cherry red holo so here ya go.  I really love this combination and the silver-y holo pigment didn't take any brightness away from the red.
The most popular request I got was for a dark vampy or oxblood red.  I chose Mia Absolute for the base color here.  It's a gorgeous color on it's own.  I know it's tough to see the true color behind the holo so HERE is my original swatch in case you were curious.  The red definitely shows through more in real life.
This is definitely the simplest combination of all of them but I think my favorite.  I just love the holo effect over such a bright pure color like white.  I think I'm in Heaven with this one.

I hope I did a good job for you all with these swatches.  Like I said I just wanted to give you all unconventional or hard to find options for holo polishes and there are so many options for base colors.  This top coat would probably look really amazing over duo-chromes and shimmers too.  I could have done that but I wanted to keep it simple.  Trust me you will see this again.


  1. Gorgeous swatches! I like it over Pink, Big Apple Red and Mia the most!

    1. i knew those would be the popular ones. so glad you like it!

  2. This looks like such a gorgeous topper! I love it over the teal polish!

    1. i really is. it was way too difficult to narrow it down to just these colors. i think i had about 15 polishes ready to go. lol


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