Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Guest Post from Pointless Cafe: Round 2

So today is the very last day of all the guest posts because I am coming back tomorrow.  I hope you all enjoyed all of them and left them lots of great comments and feedback.  So let's see the second mani from Sheila of Pointless Cafe.


Nothing to Disclose

I'm so happy to be back again to keep you guys company while Danielle's away! This time I thought I'd do a Halloween-themed mani for you!

Elsa Lanchester's Birthday was October 28th - she was basically a Halloween baby after all, so she's my inspiration for this one. (If you have to google Else Lanchester, please don't tell me!)

Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein

As you can tell, it's free-handed. LOL! I used a striping brush and this is one of those I'm pretty sure I stuck my tongue out just right for...I catch myself doing that more than I'd like to admit! Doesn't seem to help, but there ya go.

I used butter LONDON Dosh, AquaDaisy Shazaam and Milani black and white polishes for this one.

What do you think? Definitely not an every day mani, but cute for Halloween!

Come on over when you have time and check out Pointless Cafe!


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OMG how friggin' cute!  I think I talk to Sheila on a daily basis and she's always saying how she's terrible at nail art, but I think this proves her completely wrong.  Thank you again Sheila for closing out this amazing run of guest posts with something so awesome.  Now I can start showing everyone my Halloween manis.

And one more thing...TOMORROW IS MY BIRTHDAY!  I'll be 28 and can't even wait.  I'm too excited.  I will be back tomorrow with a birthday mani, of course, and then I'll be back to regular posting.  See you then! ♥

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