Saturday, October 12, 2013

China Glaze Cast a Spell

Since it's October and we are getting so close to Halloween I thought it was the perfect time to start breaking out all of my Halloween inspired polishes starting with this one.  I bought this on clearance at Sally's and haven't worn it until now...because I forgot I had it.  lol  I was looking at my stash list to see what I hadn't swatched and this was on there.  
I don't know how I forgot about this polish and managed to tuck it away for so long because I love it.  First of all this is one coat...yep!  I'm sure some people had to use two coats but if you load up your brush perfectly and are super careful, it can totally be a one-coater.  The base is a deep olive green with brighter green shimmer.  That's about all I have to say on it except that I love it one more time.  It didn't have any formula issues and it's good that I can wear it year-round if I want.  It's not too season specific.  Stay tuned for more Halloween/Fall polishes because I have enough, trust me.  lol


  1. This color is GORGEOUS!! I need to check my stash and make sure I have it! LOL.

    1. well if you don't check out sally's. mine was real cheap.


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