Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Heart Stamps

Hey Everyone!  I'm not feeling very well today so I decided to skip Water Marble Wednesday.  Maybe I'll do one for you all tomorrow for July 4th...maybe.  I just don't really feel up to doing anything except sleeping, but unfortunately I still have to go to work.  However, I did manage to dig out this cute heart stamped mani.  Let me know what you think?
For this mani, I used 3 coats of a super streaky white.  Ugh!  It was all I had within arms reach.  lol Then I just chose 3 fun colors for the "drawn heart" stamp.  Enjoy!

NYC French White Tip - white
Sinful Colors Pink - neon pink
China Glaze I'm With the Lifeguard - neon green
Hard Candy Beetle - shimmery heart
essence Stampy plate and stamper - bought it at Ulta for $3.49


  1. i really like this. one day i will get the stamper thingy and do this myself. :-)


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