Friday, September 13, 2013

31DC2013 - Animal Print

First of all, good morning!  I NEVER post a mani this early but I have a little time before I have to get ready for work.  Second of all, HAPPY FRIDAY 13TH!  I didn't even realize it until someone mentioned it to me earlier.  I'm obviously not superstitious (or I wouldn't be celebrating) but 13 is my lucky number.  Also I just love the stigma other's put on the day as if the coincidence of the number 13 falling on a Friday will change the course of your day in a negative way.  It makes me laugh.  If I had realized it was today I would have prepared a special Friday the 13th mani for my Facebook page or Instagram, but I didn't.  Maybe later.
Now that I've rambled on about nothing in regards to this mani or this challenge, we can move on.  Today's theme is animal print so I just did a simple Lisa Frank-esque zebra mani.  I free-handed the stripes so no judging.  For the stripes I just used an L.A.Color Art Deco striper polish in black and I used random motions when I applied them.  I could have used a stamp but free-handing is so much more fun and this is a challenge right?
For the base I wanted to do something a little fun and bright (and so I use one coat of white to make the colors pop then applied one coat of China Glaze I'm With the Lifeguard...the neon green.  After that dried I sponged on random spots of pink and neon orange using Orly Oh Cabana Boy and Zoya Paz.  After the stripes were dry I put on a matte top coat I bought at Claire's.  It's kinda weird because it's not exactly matte.  It's definitely not glossy but it's like a wax.  I really dig it but not for a matte finish.  I think it's really interesting.  It also say's anti-chip so we'll see about that.
Have a wonderful day today and don't let some silly number-day of the week combination freak you out.  Celebrate it's rarity and bad rep!  lol


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