Sunday, September 1, 2013

31DC2013 - Red

This is super exciting.  I am participating in the 31 Day Challenge yet again.  I wasn't able to complete it last time so let's if I can do it this time.  Below is one of the official challenge jpegs that I will also post on my social media pages so you all can keep track.  Last time I participated I was still not great at nail art but I think I've gotten much better.  Let's check it out.
The day 1 theme is red nails and so I thought it would be fun to create a red snake mani.  I started with one coat of Sinful Colors Sugar Sugar for the base color.  It's a pretty shimmery red with gold and red flecks.
I used Bundle Monster plate bm-215 for the stamp.  I doubled up using Zoya Trixie (silver) and BBCouture Dark Knight (black) to create the scales.  To make it more realistic looking, I only used small dots of black on the plate so it didn't cover the whole nail.
I really love how this mani turned out and it already makes me excited to pump out more amazing manis for the challenge.  I hope you will come back everyday to check 'em out.  (:

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