Thursday, September 5, 2013

31DC2013 - Blue

Yeah for Day 5!  A lot of great things happened to me today so let's keeping it going with my great blue mani.
My blue themed nails are a little mismatched I think, but I really love the colors together.  For my pinky and pointer fingers I used Zoya Song as my base color and then I stamped a neat design using Zoya Zuza and Bundle Monster plate bm-212.  Zuza didn't really show up it's true color.  Instead it looks more silver-y but it's still pretty.
For my ring and middle fingers I started with a pretty thick coat of Zoya Zuza so the beads would stick.  Then I used beads from a kit I bought at Claire's.  They call them Nail Pearls but anyway, they were Buy One, Get One Free so I couldn't pass them up.
I really think this is a super fun mani and the color of the beads matches the polish colors almost exactly.  If I hadn't bought the beads I think this also would have been a boring mani because the stamping by itself isn't all that interesting.  I hope you all enjoyed this mani as much as me.  Look out for tomorrow's purple mani.  It's pretty "wild".

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