Wednesday, September 4, 2013

31DC2013 - Green

Put on your shades because my green mani for day 4 of the 31 Day Challenge is super bright.  I've been doing nail art for all of the colors until today.  This is new polish I picked up and I think it's awesome on it's own.
This is Claire's Graffiti.  I posted Electric Avenue not too long ago which is just the teal version of this.  It's a neon green jelly with different sizes and shapes of black and white glitter.  I didn't layer it over a white polish so it still shows the whites of my nails but this is 3 coats.
What I've noticed about Claire's glitter polish is that it's super tough to remove...even more than other glitters I own.  Because of that I just decided to use my glue base and it came off super easy.  I did get to wear this to the Backstreet Boys concert too.  Yeah!  How was it you ask?  AMAZING!  lol
I really love this polish as well as my other Claire's polishes.  I think they are really stepping up in the world with their polishes and nail art accessories.  I'm hooked.  Do you have any Claire's polish?  Tell me what you think in comments below!  (:

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