Tuesday, September 24, 2013

31DC2013 - Inspired by a Book

Ugh!  Ok so these nails are not my shining moment.  lol I don't even read books (I know that's bad).  At least not since I was way younger so I decided to pull inspiration from there.  I was really into Goosebumps books and TV show back then.  It wasn't even scary so I don't know what drew me in.
So of course this looks nothing like what you would expect from Goosebumps but you know now the logo always looked like it was melting or slimy?  Well that was my inspiration.  As for the colors, go back and look at them.  They were pretty colorful for being "scary stories".
The yellow is Zoya Pippa, the pink is Zoya Micky, the blue is Jesse's Girl Julie G Girl's Night Out, and the green is China Glaze I'm With the Lifeguard.
Again I know these are not great, but I really was at a loss for what to do.  Hopefully tomorrow's fashion inspired nails will be better.


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