Sunday, September 29, 2013

31DC2013 - Inspired by the Supernatural

This is the perfect mani for the upcoming Halloween season.  I didn't want to do something spooky because I honestly didn't know how.  lol I wanted to use the show Supernatural as my inspiration and I remember one of the first episodes was about vampires and those are cool, right?
Now I'm not into the whole Twilight or True Blood craze, but I still like a good vampire show like Vampire Diaries or the move Lost Boys...mmm.  Keifer Sutherland.  Ok now that's out of my system, here is my vampire fang mani.
 I used one coat of Dark Knight by BBCouture for the black.  I used a white striping polish for the fangs and teeth and then I just dabbed red on the teeth and below for the drips of blood.  It's a simple mani but super fun for Halloween.
So what do you think of my supernatural mani?  It's no ghost but I tried.  Leave your comments below!

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