Saturday, September 7, 2013

31DC2013 - Black and White

Today is exciting!  It's been one full week since we started the 31 Day Challenge and it's been pretty simple so far.  The worst is yet to come.  lol Black and white are one's I usually dread because I can never come up with something really great.  They always look too "plain" or geometric and I love color.  I think I nailed this one though.
I decided I wanted to do something kind of grungy looking so I used the watercolor technique.  I started with two even coats of a white creme polish on all my fingers and then two coats of Zoya Storm on my ring finger for an accent.  If you aren't familiar with the watercolor technique I will give you a quick explanation.  Over the white polish I added about 3 randomly placed dots of Storm.  Then I used a thick, fluffy nail art brush (mine is actually meant to be used for acrylics) dipped in polish remover to dab and spread the black dots around.  And really that's it.  You don't brush it on your nail, you just dab it around randomly.  The technique works best with 100% acetone but I use acetone free remover and I really like the effect I get.  If you want it darker, just add more dots of polish.  Easy!
After the remover and polish was dry I added a top coat and placed a cool black square-shaped stud near my cuticle.  I tried to really capture all of the sparkle from Storm but it's a bit difficult.  Basically the holo particles spread all over the white for a shimmery rainbow surprise and it's awesome.  (:
 So that's about it.  I'm actually slaving away at work while all of you read this.  lol But when I get home and tomorrow on my day off, I'll be working on manis for next week's themes.  Are you excited?!


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