Tuesday, September 10, 2013

31DC2013 - Gradient

OMG this was the worst challenge day for me to complete.  I mean it's just a gradient, but I had the hardest time.  I did a complete mani using a gradient set and it looked like crap.  Then I took it off and did another gradient (same one you're about to see) but it wouldn't cooperate so I took it off and tried again.  All was well from there.  I guess the third time's a charm, right?
This is the mani that gave me so much trouble.  UNNECESSARY!  Anyway I do love how it eventually turned out.  Glitter gradients are always so fun and pretty.  I think this one looks like princess nails.  I used two coats of my favorite pink polish, OPI Sweet Memories.  I don't even like pink and I can't get enough of this one.  IDK man.  It's definitely a jelly which makes it even better and yes it shows the whites of my nails, but if you know me, you know I kinda like that.  It's like cleavage for your nails.  lol
After the pink was dry I dabbed on L.A.Colors Color Craze Sparkling Diamond (which you say layered over my yellow mani) starting at the cuticle and dragging it about half way up the nail.  Then I added Ulta Starstruck which is an amazing silver holo glitter.  It doesn't take much to make an impact.  I only used a light touch though because it's very dense and I didn't want to overwhelm the mani.
Again I love how this mani turned out.  I will definitely be doing it again soon after the challenge is over.  What's your take on glitter gradients?  Let me know in the comments below.


  1. It was worth the effort because that looks lovely! I have lots of trouble with colour gradients, I'm determined to keep trying though! x

    1. well i never have trouble with the blending part. i think i was just being too impatient to wait for each layer to dry. lol

  2. Love glitter gradients, they always look good! Your looks so pretty :)


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