Saturday, September 21, 2013

31DC2013 - Inspired by a Color

The color I chose was black because why not?  I think everyone else in the challenge may be using a brighter color, but I didn't want black to feel left out.  Besides I had a great idea.
So here is my mani inspired by the color black.  The is not the best photo to show you how awesome it really looks but you can easily see the stripes I did and two different shades of black.
I started with one coat of Color Club Beyond which is a deep black linear holo polish.  Can you see it peeking through a bit?  It added a nice little rainbow flash in the right light.  After that was dry I added striping tape in a diagonal pattern and then layered one thick coat of OPI Stay the Night for a textured finish.
There's the holo effect!  Doesn't it look so cool?  I really love how it pops out of nowhere behind the textured polish.  OPI Stay the Night does still look a bit wet in these photos because it was.  Because I used such a thick coat to cover the holo, it took forever and day to dry.
Other than that small issue, I really love this mani.  I think it's really cool and sleek looking and not goth-y at all.  I know all black manis can tend to look that way, but I think it's really fun.  Have a great day and come back tomorrow to see if I've figured out a mani inspired by a song.  /:


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